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Looking for submission guidelines for art & photography? Click here!

Creative writing submissions are closed and will reopen early next year.

celestite poetry is unthemed and open to anyone who writes creatively. We accept creative writing of all forms. While there are no restrictions on who can submit, we will prioritise submissions from marginalised voices. If you've written it, we want to read it!

We are currently unable to pay contributors due to being a journal run by a young person on a gap year, but we hope to change this in the future.

We will not publish work that promotes hate. this includes work that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or prejudiced in any other way. Work exploring these themes by members of relevant marginalised communities is welcomed.

We treat each submission we receive with the utmost care. Work exploring sensitive and personal topics is in safe hands. If you have any concerns about this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 


Our issues do not have a theme and we consider work exploring any topic. However, we particularly enjoy writing that reflects our magazine. Think celestial, angelic, soft, gentle writing that feels like a hug! Read our previous issues to get a feel for the kind of work we publish.

We are not interested in work exploring the pandemic. Please do not send us writing that depicts graphic violence or includes heavy sexual content.

Work must be written primarily in English (partial use of other languages is fine), and we do not accept translations at this time.

If you were published by us before, we ask that you please refrain for submitting for one submission cycle to ensure that we have the opportunity to discover new voices.

All work must be sent to within the submission window. Work sent outside of the above dates will not be read. It is always free to submit to us.

We do offer the option of expedited submissions, submissions with feedback, or both in exchange for a small donation. These can be chosen as a one-off donation via our Ko-fi page, or both options are available for free with our monthly Patreon membership. All funds will go towards potentially paying contributors, improving the quality of our publications and funding physical copies of our issues.

Expedited submission (24 hour response): £3

Submission with detailed feedback: £5

Expedited submission with feedback: £7

Please send one-off donations via our Ko-fi page.

If you have donated/are a Patron, please indicate which of the above options you would like in your cover letter and attach a screenshot of your donation/Patreon membership.

Please order your subject line as follows:


Please include a short cover letter (an informal greeting is fine!) and a bio, including your pronouns. Here, please include any relevant trigger warnings. We reserve the right to add necessary trigger warnings to your work upon publication if they are not included in your submission, for the safety of our readers.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted. Please let us know if your work has been accepted elsewhere ASAP (and where, so we can support you!). Work previously published on social media platforms is also permitted.

Poetry: up to 3 poems, no line limit

Prose: up to 3 pieces, max. roughly 1000 words each, slight deviation is fine

Other (eg. playlists): no guidelines - surprise us!

Format: we prefer work to be either attached as a Word document (either one file or multiple is fine), or pasted into the body of the email. We are not opposed to receiving PDFs, but they do make formatting a little trickier for us, so please avoid if possible!

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