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about us

Welcome to celestite poetry, a poetry journal for the angels.

Named after the celestite crystal, a stone of tranquility, peace and creativity, we aim to cultivate an online heaven of beautiful writing.


We are unthemed and are happy to receive submissions of any kind (not just poetry!).

We know it can be intimidating to submit your work for publication. Rest assured that your work is in safe hands! We read writing from people from all over the world at completely different stages in their journey. celestite is a place for all writers!

In addition to our quarterly issues, we publish the celestite column weekly, with two non-fiction pieces each month written by the editor and two by guest contributors.

We want to read your love stories and your heartaches, your playlists and your shopping lists. If you have a piece of work that you're proud of, we want to read it.


Katie Proctor (they/them) is  the editor-in-chief of celestite poetry. They're a non-binary, lesbian poet from Yorkshire, England with a passion for literature and the celestial. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram @katiiewrites. They're always happy to chat or answer questions!


Clover is the celestite kitten, daughter of Katie and the true mastermind behind the whole magazine. She's on Instagram @clovercat5.

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